2020-21 Face Archive

2020-21 Family Engagement Team Members
This Year's Members Are:

Principal - Zulema Stanbrook

Attendance - Beatriz Ramirez

Office Manager - Danielle Diaz

Teacher - Brett Dusz

Teacher - Travis Glaab

Monitor - Vero Paz

TA and Parent - Karla Cendejas


2020-21 Family Engagement Team Minutes
2020-21 School Site Council Members
This Year's Members Are:

Principal - Zulema Stanbrook

Facilitator - Pamela Dean

Elementary Rep - Anamika Sood & Marie Reeves

Middle School Rep - Deborah Altamirano

Ex Ed Rep - Mr. Howsden

Classified Staff Rep - Danielle Diaz

Community Member - None at this time

Parents - None at this time


We are in need of Parents and Community members for our Site Council. Call our office if you have any questions. 908-3900

Lawrence PTO needs members! The PTO will be responsible for fund raising, organizing family events, and providing support for our wonderful teachers and faculty members here at Lawrence. There are many ways to help if you are unable to attend the meetings. Let us know what you would like to do! Our goal is to support our teachers by providing funds for classroom supplies and other school needs, celebrating Teacher Appreciation Day, school beautification and so much more. But we cannot do it alone and would love your support!
2020-21 PTO Members
PTO Officers

President: Ana Vasquez
Contact Ana Vasquez by email

Vice-President: position available

Secretary: Catalina Cruz

Treasurer: Rosemary Tona-Aguirre

Title 1 Documents
Title 1/Open House Presentation
Use Passcode: =x3#mAJk

Annual Title 1 Meeting Agenda
Annual Title 1 Meeting Agenda-Lawrence 3-8 (pdf)

Lawrence 3-8 Parent Involvement Policy 2020-2021
SY 20-21 Title I District Policy -Lawrence 3-8 (pdf)

School, Parent Compact
SY 20-21 District Compact -Lawrence 3-8 (pdf)

Right to Know Letter
Right to Know Letter 2020-Lawrence 3-8 (pdf)

Open House/Title 1 Flyer
Open House 2020 (pdf)